TOMS Choose The Give Campaign

TOMS, known for its One for One model – for every product purchased, donating a pair of shoes to a child in need – piloted a new giving campaign called Choose The Give. As the name suggests, TOMS wanted to give customers a vote as to where and what kind of help they could provide through their purchase, beyond the traditional shoe donation. 

The campaign worked like this: after making an in-store purchase, the customer received a wood TOMS token, which they could use to vote for the cause they most wanted to support, by dropping their token in one of 5 display boxes in the store. If a customer made their purchase online, a pop-up would appear on screen after their order confirmation, prompting them to vote by clicking on the cause they wanted to support. They would then receive a follow up email with more information about their chosen cause.

I designed the look and feel of the campaign, as well as the store display and digital assets. I incorporated global and travel elements inspired by the numerous countries in which TOMS and its Giving Partners provide services. Each of the five donation options was represented by a unique color, to help distinguish among the causes both in store displays and in digital post-purchase emails.